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Gayle Bass traveling the world,

breaking boundaries, facing fears

and living to tell about it.

Whether it’s learning to kite surf in Santa Barbara, glacier hunting on jet skis in Alaska or diving headfirst off the world’s highest bungee jump at more than 700 feet, host Gayle Bass will not only take you to new locations, but also commit to try everything put in front of her - all while introducing viewers to the world's neighbors that may be right in their own backyard… because if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it's we must make the most of everything while we have the chance.

No regrets.


Gayle Bass

For more than 11 years, Gayle Bass helmed the well known desk of the nationally syndicated TV show "Right This Minute."


Today, you'll find her beside Gayle King on CBS Morning Deals.

Bass brings a background in talk radio and television as well as a master’s degree in journalism to the Almost Fearless team.

A pioneer in reporting news of the Web to listeners, Gayle became known as “The Click Chick” on KTAR radio in Phoenix, breaking down the hot, newsworthy and interesting news of the Internet.

She also co-hosted a political roundtable on radio and spent eight years as a co-host of Your Life, A to Z on Phoenix’s KTVK-TV.

When not entertaining the masses you'll find Gayle cooking, hiking, or motorcycling across the desert in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gayle Goes Placeholder.png

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 


- Eleanor Roosevelt


22 minutes - 6 Episodes - Docutainment - E/I

What happens when one woman hops on a motorcycle and tours the wildest streets of India? Hits class 5 white water rapids in the Zambezi River or comes face to face with polar bears in the high Arctic? 

The purpose of this show is to not only inspire viewers to travel, but also view each destination as a place to try and experience new things - even if it scares you a little. Every episode will challenge the viewer to ask - "Would I go there? Could I do that? Where can I taste this?"

We want to beef up our viewers idea of exploration with a slew of adventures, from epic hikes to extreme sports and creative ways to see some of the planet’s most beautiful landscapes. Whether it’s hot air ballooning over Turkey or swimming with sharks in Oahu - Gayle Goes guarantees to thrill and change your entire outlook on life from far away destinations to right next door.

Why Gayle !?!

Google 'Travel TV Shows' right now. Notice something? 

Almost every show about travel on any network is hosted and guided by men.

Gayle Goes is an unexpected show made by women for everyone. 

We are not celebrities with unlimited access to everything, we are not world class athletes who have ripped abs and an uncanny coordination or billionaires who can afford to do it all - we are just adventurous women who want to inspire every member of your family to experience new things.

Gayle Bass is accessible, approachable and almost fearless.

Gayle Goes tries everything, goes anywhere, experiences new things head on, with no regrets… 

just like the next guy.

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